Tiger Iron-on Patch
  • Tiger Iron-on Patch

    This apathetic little tiger is hand carved and hand printed. It’s available on upcycled denim or a pink cotton canvas. This listing is for one (1) patch.

    I added the iron-on backing because who has time for a sew on? Not me. Probably not you either.

    There will be light distressing after washing around the raw edges, but it won’t go far because of the iron-on adhesive. 

    Recommended washing: Cool water and gentle cycle. But real talk, I have forgotten many times and it’s been okay in my regular laundry.

    Ironing instructions: 
    -Place patch on your fabric item that needs some badass flair. (Make sure the fabric item can be ironed!) 

    -Use MEDIUM heat and hold iron on for approximately 8-10 seconds on top of the patch and another few seconds on the inside of the garment. 

    -Let cool before checking if it stuck, if it’s still hot it will peel off easily. 

    -Don’t over do it- if you melt away all the adhesive then you will have to make time to stitch it on instead.


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